Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Brain and The Origins Of Violence Essay -- Biology Essays Research

Is The Brain To Blame? Searching For The Origins Of Violence From the dawning of man, violence has always been one of the defining characteristics of humankind. Throughout all of history we see evidence of man's tendencies toward acting violently in response to his emotions - everything from anger, fear, to just plain enjoyment. But to where can we trace the true origin of violence, the place where it all begins? Does the root of violence stem from societal and cultural values or can we point the finger at a deeper cause, one with a neurobiological basis? Can we successfully predict the violent tendencies in individuals, and if so, how? And if there is a biological basis for violent behavior, where does that leave our society and our methods of control? These were the questions I sought to have answered. Before we can begin to answer these questions, however, we must first recognize that not all acts of violence are the same. Certainly the child that throws his toys across the room in anger does not compare to the serial rapist who takes pleasure in attacking women. However since we are primarily interested in tracing the roots of violent behavior, it would be most helpful to look back to the time when our thoughts and actions were only beginning to be shaped, when our minds were impressionable and constantly curious - our childhood. And so we will examine the three main categories of violence observed in childhood - community and school violence, media-related violence, and violence in the home (1) - so that we may begin to paint a picture of the environment in which the violent individual is born. It is no secret that violence in the schools and community has frighteningly been on the rise in America. In fact, from ... ... to no signs of violence at all. I have also learned that though we cannot as a just society judge people on the basis of what they may or may not do, we can use the various studies conducted to help in developing ways to control the violence that already exists. Perhaps in doing so, we can restructure our society to be one that is less violent, less threatening, and more fit for our future generations. WWW Sources 1)Violence and Childhood: How Persisting Fear Can Alter the Developing Child's Brain 2) Incubated in Terror: Neurodevelopmental Factors in the 'Cycle of Violence' 3)Brain Study Sheds Light on Impulsive Violence , on the Science Daily website 4)Caution Urged for Brain Research on Violence

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