Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Women In the US Army Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Women In the US Army - Research Paper Example The information provided in the paper is all factual and based on the events which are related to the role of women in the army and its political effects. The paper starts initially during the early twentieth century and leads to the twenty-first century. It mentions how the policies have evolved with time and the present state. Earlier since the idea of women in uniform was bizarre to the US society as the military leaders, Rogers’ proposition to include women as regular army was not seriously considered. Rather the women’s presence in the army was being perceived as a threat to the existing military. So the superstition that women are best suited for indoor activities such as cooking, washing, childrearing, etc. and that due to their physical weakness and psychological frailty, women would cause nuisances to the soldiers rather than contributing anything worthy during any wartime. This limited approach lead to the arousal of various issues. Considering the status of women as weak, frail and fragile who were always exploding with emotions were not considered to be feasible to be recruited for such harsh jobs. It can also be said that men even considered it to be a threat to their present status and how their dominance might get affected therefore due to which they could not accept this under any circumstances. It needs to be kept in mind that during this era the US society was not as liberal as it claims to be now therefore gender equality did not persist back then because of which problems aroused. Therefore initially they were not deployed for direct combats or trainings but were kept for womanly chores such as nursing, cooking, laundry etc. for the troops. The troops started to depend on these women for their daily necessities. Although these women were merely housekeepers for the troops but they were subjected to the armies code of conduct and had to perform their

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