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Creative Writing A Short Story - 1440 Words

Payday arrived for both me and Patsy, giving us the opportunity to attend the luxurious cinema and a wider variety of movies. As we stand before the array of movie posters, deciding between an action or comedy, somehow, how conversation shifts over to John. â€Å"He was so excited about the other night,† says Patsy. I abandon the posters and give her a questioning look. â€Å"About what?† â€Å"Well, first of all spending the evening with you, and then because you hugged him the way you did.† She taps her finger against her lips as she continues to scrutinise each poster. Maybe John didnt discuss what I did in the cinema. She looks at me with a wide curve of her lips revealing her teeth. Her eyebrows raise briefly. â€Å"Then you held his hand.† She rests†¦show more content†¦The love they expel for each other radiates around them. With a tender hand, he caresses the side of her face, whereupon her eyes flutter closed as she leans into his touch. He envelopes her into his arms before kissing her once again. â€Å"Hey, isnt that Alice over there?† asks Patsy. I refuse to answer her. The stone pit materialises in my stomach as the acrid taste forms in my mouth. The hummingbird broke free from her cage and flew far away. I doubt she will ever return. â€Å"Whos the hunk shes with?† Patsy continues. â€Å"Who do you think he is?† I ask in a dry voice. I turn towards Patsy to find her squinting as she scrutinises the couple. Once she acknowledges them, her eyes widen. â€Å"Its Angelo. Wow, shes lucky, isnt she? How did she manage to tie him down?† I lower my gaze to my hands that twine my fingers together. The sudden nausea hits and I grasp onto my coke, taking sips from the straw until the nausea dissipates. No longer can I deceive myself, to hold onto that glimmer of hope that I had it all wrong. Here they are, in full view, expressing their love for one another, right in front of me. â€Å"Patsy?† I gaze through my lashes at her. She turns from Alice and Angelo, giving me her full attention. â€Å"Yeah?† â€Å"Can you tell me more about John?† A curve caresses her lips. â€Å"Sure, what would you like to know?† â€Å"Why did he break up with his girlfriend?† She rolls her eyes. â€Å"She was the worst. They were dating before John went into the army, andShow MoreRelatedCreative Writing : A Short Story1020 Words   |  5 PagesThe girls sat seperated in two stark, cold rooms. Each of the girls was sat at a table with a clear plastic cup of water sitting at arm’s length from them, both cups untouched. How could they drink when their best friend was no where to be seen? They had been having an innocent night of fun at Mercedes’ house three weeks ago, the first of many planned for the spring break, watching movies on Netflix and eating a pizza they ordered. The night was full of rambling about how classes were, drama floatingRead MoreShort Story : Creative Writing1550 Words   |  7 PagesIn the woods when the sun was just starting to set, there was a van driving on a long-abandoned road, behind the wheel of said van was a tired looking girl who seemed to be about 19. She took a sip of the long cold coffee, and turned to the turquoise haired girl sitting next to her. Hey uhhhh Cas, Cassie? Where are we? Noting the headphones, she stopped the car and turned around to inquire of the two boys in the back, Kenny, Timmy, do either of you have an idea where we are? It seems like weveRead MoreCreative Writing : A Short Story1281 Words   |  6 PagesSMACK! I was on my back, peering up at Josh as he laid on top me. â€Å"Gotc....† He begins to say but stopped. The look of victory slowly vanished from his face at the realization of how little space was between us. I could feel his heart hammering in his chest or maybe it was mine. Because, Josh was now searching my eyes as if he was looking for an answer to a question. His lips were only inches from mine and I could feel the heat coming off of them. Everything inside of me screamed to move awayRead MoreShort Story : Creative Writing865 Words   |  4 Pages Brrring! Brrring! Brrring! Brrring! â€Å"What is someone doing calling at 2am† whispers Dave groggily as he wipes his eyes and p icks up the phone. Yawning, somehow he manages to make something comprehendible come out of his mouth, â€Å"Hello? This is Dave speaking.† â€Å"Dave! This is Joe†¦ your old roommate from college. How are you doing?† â€Å"I am doing fine.† says Dave thinking and thinking about who Joe is when suddenly he remembers. At that moment he groans but manages to put out a polite response,Read MoreCreative Writing : A Short Story1037 Words   |  5 PagesThere she goes again. Mother can’t ever mind her own business, Seriously will it kill her to just leave her thoughts to herself. Little Mike came up tugging at her sleeve, his soft little fingers grasping at the cloth, a pull then another. â€Å"Yes sweetheart.† Mike looked at her, his finger pointed forwards, just at the edge of my vision. â€Å"It’s our turn now mommy.† She looked up; Mike quickly ran forward. â€Å"Woah slow down buddy, you can’t walk away by yourself.† Mike came to a sudden stop;he turned toRead MoreCreative Writing : A Short Story1102 Words   |  5 PagesWhen their parents entered their room, Charlie watched as Maggie walked to the window and kept her back to them. They could al l tell she was upset about something. Looking at Elliot, she pushed herself up further in the bed, as Callum grabbed Ian and took a seat on the chair next to her. Ben clasped his hands in front of him as he took a deep breath. â€Å"Ive been asked to stay here in order to help Rachel on her work supplying the Republic with power. I plan on asking Miles to let all of you andRead MoreCreative Writing : A Short Story1148 Words   |  5 Pagesbench nearby. And that’s what she was doing now. She sighed and stood up to go home. The next day she went to school and her best friend Sarina asked, â€Å"What’s wrong?† She then told her the whole story as she didn’t know what happened yesterday because she was absent. Hearing the story she said, â€Å" It’s a good thing that I upgraded my remote few days ago. You should go to the remote shop today after school.† Then they both went to class. When Maya entered her first class she saw Tasha andRead MoreCreative Writing : A Short Story1583 Words   |  7 Pagesforbid, if you don’t find it within two seconds, then youre most definitely an incompetent driver. Almost needless to say, Jason didn’t follow in the outlier’s footsteps, and he aced the questionnaire. Though he did take note that his examiner was creative with her questions. She was probably was deeply saddened that there wasn’t a convoluted touch screen to inquire about, Jason thought to himself. Finally all the formalities were complete, consequently, he took a second to get himself mentally, andRead MoreCreative Writing : A Short Story1615 Words   |  7 Pagestown to barter, we’ll ask around.† Shocked that her husband knows about Miles tattoo on her arm, Rachel clings to him in the silence, her mind racing at the possible implications. XXX Rachel sits stunned at the table, listening to Ben relay the story that he’s heard over and over in the village nearest to the house they’ve decided to ride out the winter in. â€Å"Soul Marks? How is that possible? These are just replicas of tattoos,† she replies with a disbelieving shake of her head. Ben shruggedRead MoreCreative Writing : A Short Story1722 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Pardon me, but just how are you going to keep people from learning your name? Even if you use an assumed name, they’ll still recognize you elsewhere.† He slumped in his chair. â€Å"I guess I won’t be able to work with you then, sir. I don’t want the notoriety that could come.† The owner winced. â€Å"Tell you what, son, I’ll talk with some of the others and see if we can’t figure something out. If anything changes, you’ll be called right away. Sound good?† â€Å"Yes sir.† Blake left the stuffy office and

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